While I can’t provide a real-time list, here are some of the significant breakthroughs in augmented reality (AR) technology globally in recent years:

1. Microsoft HoloLens: The release of the Microsoft HoloLens 2 with improved features, including enhanced field of view and hand tracking capabilities.
2. Apple ARKit: Apple introduced ARKit, providing advanced AR development tools for iOS devices and encouraging widespread adoption of AR apps.
3. Google ARCore: Similar to Apple’s ARKit, Google released ARCore, allowing developers to create AR experiences on Android devices.
4. Facebook Spark AR: Facebook launched Spark AR, enabling users to create and share AR effects on its various platforms.
5. Magic Leap: The release of Magic Leap One, an AR headset offering mixed reality experiences with impressive spatial computing capabilities.
6. Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2: Google released an updated version of its smart glasses, targeting enterprise applications and improving on previous limitations.
7. Snapchat AR: Snapchat introduced a range of interactive AR filters and lenses, popularizing AR technology for social media users.
8. Nreal Light: Nreal Light introduced lightweight and stylish AR glasses, bringing immersive experiences to consumer markets.
9. 5G Integration: The integration of 5G networks with AR technology promises faster and more seamless experiences, enhancing AR’s potential.
10. Collaboration Tools: Development of AR platforms focusing on remote collaboration like Spatial, enabling users to work together virtually in augmented spaces.

Please note that the field of AR technology rapidly evolves, and new breakthroughs continually emerge.

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