As of now, the top 10 countries leading in the deployment of 5G technology are:

1. China: China has made significant progress in 5G deployment, with the largest number of 5G network base stations.

2. United States: The US has been actively deploying 5G technology, with major telecom companies expanding their coverage across the country.

3. South Korea: South Korea is known for being one of the earliest adopters of 5G technology and has achieved extensive coverage in major cities.

4. Japan: Japan has been focusing on the deployment of 5G technology, especially in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

5. United Kingdom: The UK has made significant advancements in 5G deployment, with major cities and regions having access to 5G networks.

6. Germany: Germany is a leading country in Europe for 5G deployment, with major telecom operators expanding their networks across the country.

7. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia has been actively rolling out 5G technology, aiming to become a regional hub for various 5G-enabled industries.

8. Australia: Australia has been deploying 5G networks across major cities, with telecom companies competing to provide extensive coverage.

9. Spain: Spain has made substantial progress in the rollout of 5G technology, particularly in urban areas and major cities.

10. Canada: Canada has been steadily deploying 5G networks, with major telecom companies offering coverage in select cities and regions.

It’s important to note that the ranking may vary over time as countries continue to develop and expand their 5G networks.

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