1. NVIDIA acquiring ARM – NVIDIA, a leading semiconductor company, announced its acquisition of ARM Limited, a renowned British semiconductor and software design company.
2. Salesforce acquiring Slack – CRM giant Salesforce acquired the popular workplace communication app Slack to enhance its productivity and collaboration offerings.
3. AMD acquiring Xilinx – Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) agreed to acquire Xilinx, a leader in adaptive computing technology, to broaden its product portfolio.
4. Microsoft acquiring ZeniMax Media – Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media, the parent company of popular video game publisher Bethesda Softworks, to strengthen its presence in the gaming industry.
5. Facebook acquiring Kustomer – Facebook acquired Kustomer, a customer service software company, to improve its customer support capabilities.
6. Zoom acquiring Five9 – Video conferencing platform Zoom acquired cloud-based call center software provider Five9 to expand its services into customer engagement solutions.
7. Twitter acquiring Scroll – Twitter acquired Scroll, a subscription-based news article reader, as part of its ongoing efforts to improve the overall news consumption experience on its platform.
8. Shopify acquiring 6 River Systems – E-commerce platform Shopify acquired 6 River Systems, a robotics fulfillment solutions company, to enhance its warehousing and shipping capabilities.
9. Apple acquiring Vilynx – Apple acquired Vilynx, an AI-focused company specializing in computer vision and video analysis, to enhance its video technology and content recommendations.
10. Amazon acquiring MGM – Amazon announced its acquisition of MGM Studios, acquiring the iconic movie studio’s extensive library of films and TV shows to bolster its streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video.

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